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Friday, November 4, 2011

First Grade Is "Falling" into Symmetry

 For our back to school night I always like to have something up on the walls that represents the changing season of Autumn. In first grade, we learn about the different parts of a tree. We actually go outside and explore trees and their properties, including parts, texture and lines. Then we create trees using glue and foil. 

They turn out beautiful every year, here are a few samples:

We have also been learning about design. Specifically, symmetrical and A-symmetrical design. We worked on matching our magnet "twins" on the white board, and practiced our "Symmetrical Saying"..."What you do to one DO to the other". Be sure to ask your children this question, but have them finish the phrase. To help reinforce the idea, we also created symmetrical mosaics using paper squares, some with animal prints. The entire project had to consist of 60 squares. 10 large on one side, with ten "twins" on the other and 20 small squares on one side, with 20 "twins" on the other. 

Here are some finished designs :

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