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Friday, December 16, 2011

4th Graders are "Becoming Picasso"

In fourth grade we have begun studying the life and works of artist Pablo Picasso.
We went to the computer lab and explored a site called "Mr. Picasso Head", which allows the students to mix and match real Picasso technique and features to create their own Picasso Portrait.
Picasso was know for his portraits which often portrayed the human face from both a profile and front-on view. By doing this, however, a lot of his images tended to look like they had "misplaced" facial features. So, as an exercise for fun, I told the students that they would be making a portrait. After I passed out the paper and pencils, I told them that they could not draw anything until I told them what to draw 
(i.e. head, eyes, ears, etc.)   
Well, they thought that was great...I even heard the comment, "This will be easy!"...
Then I passed out the blindfolds :)

Yes, they had to create all the parts of a portrait without seeing a thing. As you can imagine the results were...priceless, and actually quite good!

Here are the reactions as the blindfolds were removed, 
the laughter is so contagious! 

They then colored them in and here are those results...


  1. This is so cool, both the activity and the blog!

  2. Adam was very excited to show me his art work from this activity and explained how he did it in class. Thanks for sharing with us.