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Friday, December 16, 2011

Second Graders are Mini-Michelangelo's!

So, in second grade we studied the life and works of famous painter and sculptor Michelangelo. He's well known for his paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as well as his sculpture of "David". 
I wanted my students to really have an appreciation for the talent that this artist had. So, they had to draw a picture of something they felt comfortable drawing again and again. They were to do their best on the presentation and coloring of this picture. Then I had them take a new sheet of paper that they were to re-draw the same picture they just did. However, this time they had to go under their table and use a "paintbrush marker" to draw with. This was to simulate the painting of the Sistine chapel for Michelangelo. 

 Once they finished re-drawing then they had to bring it back up onto the table to color it in. However, this time, they needed to use their non-dominant hand for coloring. 

And the results are in...




We also studied collages and the illustrations in the "I SPY" book series. We first went to the computer lab and explored a program called "Collage Machine 1 and 2" to understand how to lay out a collage to create an overall composition. 

Then we created our own, using a variety of everyday items and supplies.

Finally, we wrote down three "I Spy" items that we wanted others to find within our collage and then rotated around the room trying to find the items...

Some of the finished samples...

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