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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fourth Graders...NO WAY..these are FAMOUS ARTISTS!!!!

In fourth grade we finished up our study of Picasso 
with portraits and printmaking.

The students first had to draw a portrait of a person on plain paper, making sure it was "Picassofied".

After they created their preliminary drawing, 
they transferred it onto a foam board for printing.

And began the printing and transfer process...

We then used colored pencils and crayons to finish our "NEON" Picasso portraits...

After Picasso...onto Monet :)

We discussed reproductions and how famous pieces of art 
are often recreated by modern artists.
They looked at Monet's "Lily Pond" and had to recreate it using watercolor pencils and brushes.

These look so vibrant in person, hopefully some of that can be seen in the photos too. 


We reviewed lines in nature and how to create "v"trees. 
They created trees on holographic scratch art paper 
(an annual tradition in fourth grade and is something they look forward to doing - so who am I to disappoint :)

It always amazes me how unique each one is:

We created our "Claymation" stories, which are still in the editing process, I will post them to my blog closer to the end of the school year. 

Here are some students creating their backgrounds and some during the filming process 
(we used I-Pads this year!!!)...

We are currently learning about architecture and design. We will be building stick houses shortly, but here are the students working on some preliminary house and landscape designs...

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