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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kindergarten? Not from the looks of this artwork!!!

We studied how to work with dimension and creating form using model magic. We worked on using a ruler to create snowflakes on paper and then recreated that same method into model magic flakes...

After they dried, we painted them using pearl paint and added snow glitter for the final "frosted flakes"!

We even stopped while a very rare snow shower 
began to fall outside.. 
I love when nature helps me out with my lessons :)

We also created Valentines for our family and loved ones using a scratch art film called "Scratch Lite". This gives the transparent look to the final project and 
resembles a stain glass window.

Here are pics of the process/results:

We also studied Claude Monet and learned about impressionism. I then passed out samples of his original works, which they could attempt to recreate OR they could make up their own painting. 
Here are the wonderful end results:

As a quick review class one day, we worked with various brushes and only primary colors to create a "Primary Painting". As each student painted with the selected color and brush, I read poems of the specific colors out of a book entitled, "Hailstones and Halibut Bones". 

Here are some pics of the process:

Most recently, we did some marble paintings, but we didn't just use any colors on white paper...
we used METALLIC paint on BLACK paper. 
The students placed their paper in a deep tray and added paint "blobs" using a pipette. Then they took a marble and with very controlled movements, they began creating paint trails with the marble. 

Unfortunately, the colors are never as good on photos, 
but here are some samples:

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