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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Third Graders are a forest full of animals :)

In third grade we talked about figurines and miniatures. Each student then created their own animal figurine. They had the freedom to create any animal they chose (fictional or non). 
Here are some before painting...

Let the painting begin!!!

And the results are in...

We also studied lines in nature, 
specifically horizontal vs. vertical. 
With continuing our study of warm, cool and neutral colors we created "forest" landscapes. We studied the bark of both maple/oak trees and birch trees, noting the direction the lines on the bark would form.  
We kept the warm colors with the maple/oak trees to mimic a warm fall day with the leaves changing. And we kept the cool colors with the birch trees reminiscent of the northern woods of Wisconsin in winter. 
We first used masking tape to block out the tree forms, and then added our color using liquid watercolors.

We sprinkled salt on the wet paint to represent the leaves on the warm side and snow on the cool side and 
let them dry until the next class.

After they had dried we peeled off the tape and added shading and details to help finish the trees...

Here are the final projects:

 During one class we reviewed the warm, cool and neutral colors by creating simple square "Pearler Bead" 
(or melty bead) designs. 
The only rule was they had to choose warm, cool 
or neutral colors.

After the melting process...


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